Salvador Dorado, coordinador del Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía TECH. ( 21/04/2016 )

Lucy and her colleague did a magnificents job on their translation of our Progress Report, a very technical document of over 200 pages in the field of education and knowledge transfer. It was delivered within the deadline. Thanks to the work of Lucy and her colleague, we obtained the maximum qualification possible following an evaluation by an international comission from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Tradophenia ( 14/09/2015 )

Great quality translations, as well as being on time and polite. We highly recommend working with Lucy.

LUÍS LARRAURI ( 25/11/2013 )

For the last 3 years she has been our TRANSLATION provider for the TV SERIES Lucky Fred and I want to recognize Lucy Williams for her creative skills which are much appreciated in translations. She is a very capable and incredibly efficient, with a great attitude to assist our individual needs. These are some of the virtues that have shaped her as an excellent professional: Great solution provider, good professional, committed, focused on customer needs, and a good solution provider for our small business. I must congratulate Lucy for her unique professional and personal qualities.

OnGlobal Language Marketing ( 04/11/2013 )

Lucy is a professional translator, very reliable and accurate. We are always glad to work with her.

Emek Filogullari Benítez Filmmaker, visual artist & app designer at FILOGULLARI / SMART-EU ( 30/01/2012 )

Whenever we have worked together, Lucy has shown herself to be a consummate professional, not only in her degree of accuracy, flexibility and speed, but also her personal qualities, which make her even more special. Highly recommended!!!

Matt Bedford, Essential Language Solutions ( 31/01/2011 )

Lucy did a smashing job for me on some Spanish-English work; she was punctual, great value for money and does excellent-quality work.

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