Specialised, Spanish to English translation

After you’ve worked hard to establish and promote your brand, you want to reach new markets and encourage more people to get to know you, your values and your products and services..

If you’re expanding into English-speaking audiences, I’m here to help.

I specialise in supporting small and medium businesses to succeed, both in Spain and abroad. My practical knowledge and experience of the industry and running my own business both in Spain and UK, professional qualifications in translation and in-depth cultural knowledge of both countries mean that my translations are smooth and natural – just as if they were originally written in English.

Here’s what I specialise in:


From hotels to bars, restaurants and guide books, I can help you localise your travel and tourism content. I have experience with international hotel chains, gourmet restaurants, casinos, small historical sites and everything in between.


Garment descriptions, marketing and advertising texts and internal documents for the fashion industry. I’ve worked with large companies like Camper as well as smaller independent brands.


I can help your marketing content come to life in English, making it sing and giving your brand the edge it deserves. I translate press releases, brochures, advertising and many other documents.


TV scripts, non-fiction and fiction. I can help with a range of texts for different audiences, adult political intrigue, children’s animations, as well as promotional material such as series bibles and concept documents at the pre-production stage. Would you like to work with me?

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