I can personalise your translation experience by adjusting to your timetable, terminology and glossaries, and I ask all the right questions to ensure that your project runs smoothly.


· 30,000 words a website about tourism in Madrid
· Audio guide to Pamplona Cathedral 20,000 words
· Catalogue for an exhibition at Museo Reina Sofía
· Carrefour catalogues and marketing
· Four-year project translating materials for an international hotel group
· Descriptions of new line in men’s and women’s shoes for Camper
· Catalogue entry for the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art
· Guide for Pamplona city walking tours 20,000 words
· Tourist guide to the coast around Bilbao
· Tourist and audio guide about the San Vitor necropolis (Sil, Ourense)
· Scripts for the Lucky Fred TV series (Disney Channel)
· Annual reports for a major fashion group
· Reference book for cycling training "Plan your cycling training" by Chema Arguedas Lozano: 58,000 words
· In house training manual for Ermenegildo Zegna
· Website and yearly report Andalucia TECH (ICE)
· Website, marketing and publicity for Iberostar
· Long-term project on tourist information about Alicante
· University projects to obtain EU funding 2010/2011 (University of Barcelona)
· Various texts for a fashion brand: internal documents, press releases, newsletters, etc.

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