Who is Hispalis Translations

Specialised in Spanish to English translation for tourism, fashion and marketing and more.

Hello! My name is Lucy Williams

I work as a freelance Spanish to English translator and blogger. The name Hispalis comes from the Roman name for my adopted hometown, Seville where I have lived since 1999. I’ve long been fascinated by languages and my journey to translation began in earnest with a job in the beautiful, romantic city of Lisbon. I spent a year there before moving to another enchanting southern European city, Seville. I liked it so much I never left!
Most of my translation work is related to art, literature and tourism, but I also translate other texts. I studied politics and philosophy at university and enjoy translating humanities texts when I have the opportunity. I also have a background in teaching and sometimes do translations relating to education and learning. Why not have a look at the portfolio page to get an idea of the types of projects I take on?
I’m interested in translator training and CPD and I hold IoL DipTrans Diploma in Translation. I blog about that and all sorts of other issues relating to linguistics and translation. So, get in touch if you’d like to discuss your next translation project, talk about translating or blogging or translation training. I love talking about all three!

Business in Seville

Based in the heart of sunny Seville, I can make your Spanish to English translations a smooth transition from one language to another..


I specialise in supporting small and medium businesses to succeed, both in Spain and abroad. My practical knowledge and experience of the industry and running my own business both in Spain and UK...


Flexibility, accuracy and timely delivery are ingrained in the translation profession. But for the project to be successful, you need a little extra effort...

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